Activist Cafe is an online community dedicated to the discussion of activist short selling. Our goal is to:

  • Provide a forum to discuss, verify, or rebut research reports released by activist investors.
  • Be a platform where users can anonymously post research and due diligence about publicly traded companies.
  • Have longer-form, more constructive, and more thoughtful conversations than what is possible on Twitter or other short-form social media platforms.

This is not a forum for unsubstantiated rumours or to get financial advice. Do not ask if you should go long/short, or when/what price to enter/exit. Nobody knows. Do your own homework. In general, posts about specific trading strategies will be removed. The other guidelines are common sense: be civil, no trolling or flaming, and no conducting illegal activity.

What is activist short selling?

Activist short selling is when an investor (a "short-seller") publicly opines that a publicly traded company is overvalued (a "short call"). Often, the investor will publish a research report bringing to light substantiated arguments or information that was not previously available to the public.

For example,
On 31 January 2020, short-seller Muddy Waters Research published an anonymous 89-page report on Twitter, claiming that Luckin Coffee had falsified financial and operational figures. The report claimed that the number of items sold per store was inflated by at least 69% in the third and by 88% the fourth quarter of 2019, supposedly backed by 11,200 hours of video footage.
On 2 April 2020, Luckin Coffee announced that an internal investigation found that its chief operating officer, Jian Liu, and several others who reported to him, had fabricated the company's 2019 sales by "around RMB2.2 billion" (US$310 million). The next day, the China Securities Regulatory Commission said that it would investigate the company for fraud.


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