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    Ah yes, GSX again. This idea was first publicized by Citron a month ago, but the stock price went on a tear since. Just quickly scanning to see if any new revelations came out. The smoking gun appears to be a former GSX manager who’s testifying that he ran a botnet to fake users on the platform.

    GSX itself has a room, in this computer room there are over 10,000 machines, we call them the group robots, which is used to control [the operation]. One person can control about 1,000 cell phones without a problem, and these can be operated remotely or from the room, I can control all of the machines. Then I can imitate the data generated by a real student or real buying, this is already a very mature technology

    GSX sites are also leaking a bunch of user data, which they downloaded and analyzed for bot-like behavior. Seems quite convincing all in all.

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      Stock tanked 7% today, looks like MW does have some sway!